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This is a color reference for me...
This is the finished result:
Made in Photoshop CS2, and is translatable.

First we start off with a base.

1) I duplicated the base once and set it to Soft Light 100%. To where I get this:

2) Then I make a new color layer, #051739 and set it to Exclusion 100% to get:

3) Then I make another color layer, #dce8ff and set it to Color Burn 100% to get:

4) Then I duplicate the base and set it to Soft Light 100% to get this:

5) Then I make a Hue/Saturation layer and set it to Saturation +30 and got:

6) And the final step: make a Color Balance layer, Midtones: -30 0 +30
Preserve Luminosity is unchecked. And I get the final result:
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