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I have a tutorial here for everyone! 8D

From to
Uses Selective Coloring, so it's only translatable to other Photoshop programs.

Well, this was from a batch not that long ago. But long enough for me to forget what I was thinking while making this icon. 8DDb So my base was this: I'm pretty sure I used Auto Contrast ( Alt + Shift + Ctrl + L ) on it.

For the next step I duplicated the base and set it to Softlight 100% And I got this! But, it was a little dark so I duplicated the base again and dragged it to the top and set it to Screen 50% and got

But there's something lacking in this icon...and that is the Exclusion layer! :D So I made a Color Fill layer, used #031738 and set it to Exclusion 100%.

Icon so far:
It looks a little blah, so I duplicated the base, dragged it to the top, and set it to Softlight 100% Looks a little dark. D8 But I'll solve that issue soon.

Next I made a Hue/Saturation layer, and set it to Master- Hue: 0, Saturation: 20, Lightness: 0 and I got this: But it's still a little dark, but I'll fix it~♥

I duplicated the base once again, dragged it to the top, and set it to Screen 25% And got this.

Next I went to this tutorial by luxrays and I used the Selective Color in step three and had the layer set it Normal 75% And with that, I get the end result of this:

I hope this wasn't confusing for anybody. 8DD;; And show me your results, I'd love to see what you got from this! And expect another tutorial soon~♥
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